Our Values

Our Values


  • Contribute to society with social projects with its ecological policy.
  • Provide the most efficient R & D-P& D service.
  • Ensure the continuity of quality service.
  • Monitor technological and scientific developments.
  • Transparency, honesty and respect are the fundamental values of our company.
  • The availability and responsiveness of our teams are part of our fundamental principles.


TUNÇ Döküm took care to balance its market share with its level of profitability in 1998 by reflecting on its strategy. The company evolves every passing day with the main investment advantage of modern casting technology in order to increase the quality of service and strengthen the automated production processes.


TUNÇ Döküm, working mainly on customer satisfaction, knows the sector and the expectations very well and defines the highest level of result.He is the manufacturer of high precision and large parts for the global industry. Our creative and recognized team in the field of design continues responsive manufacturing with reliable and efficient service.